Drug addiction is rampant in 2020 and millions of people across the country deal with this problem. Drug addiction affects the addict as well as friends and family who care deeply for them. A slew of drugs are responsible for drug addiction these days. Look at the most common of those drugs in the list below.

Prescription Drugs

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Many people are surprised to learn that prescription drugs can be just as harmful and addictive as illicit drugs found on the streets. Prescription narcotics like opioids lead the way in addiction problems in Willoughby and across the country.


Cocaine can be snorted through the nose or cooked and turned into what is known as crack. Crack is considerably more dangerous than cocaine, although both can cause an overdose with just one use. Both lead to quick addiction as well.


Known as ice on the streets, meth is another common drug that seems to have taken hold of the country. It is a very dangerous drug that causes implications and a myriad of problems small and large. It is highly addictive.


Alcohol is legal to individuals aged 21 and up and it is sold at liquor stores and other retail locations, leaving many to underestimate its danger. Do not be amongst those people. Alcoholism is real and millions of people suffer everyday.

Get help for an Addiction

If you or a loved one face an addiction problem, help and hope is there if you are ready. Look into addiction treatment willoughby where you can learn the skills needed to live without drugs in your life. Addiction treatment includes detox, therapy, counseling, and other services that pave the way for an addict to get back on the straight and narrow path.